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Monday, March 17, 2014

False failure while verifying Dish Care PB200 boards

The procedure for verifying the result of the programming procedure will report a false failure for Dish Care boards PB200; that is, the board will be programmed correctly but the verification will fail. This failure will happen if SidekickPC users have enabled the “Additional Verify” option or the “Verify Only” option. The error is caused by a bug in the software and it appears only when verifying PB200 boards. The message will be as follows:

Error verifying the result of the board programming procedure.
Offending Memory Location: 0000H in Memory Bank 0.
PNC/ELC= 911513105/00

The error message is wrong because the programming procedure has completed successfully and the board can be installed in the appliance.

Who is affected:
All SidekickPC users trying to verify PB200 boards!

How to fix it:

Due to the fact that it is a non-blocking problem, we are not looking for a workaround to this issue. We are instead working on fixing the bug. The bug fix will be available soon.

Download: Application Note - PB200 Verification Error.pdf

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