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Sidekick is a standard solution designed by the Global Technology Center (GTC) department of Electrolux for the after sales support organization. The main target of this system is to provide field support engineers with a handy tool that, together with proper interface modules, simplifies the execution of the diagnostic procedures and that allows an easy way to configure electronic boards.

The Sidekick Portal (this site) is the main source information about this innovative service that Electrolux provides to direct and indirect service organizations throughout Europe. 

Sidekick is an enterprise-wide system that seamlessly integrates the most up-to-date information about Electrolux products into a client software tool (SidekickPC) that lets you quickly diagnose appliances and create spare electronic boards.  Data integration between corporate databases and the client software occurs seamlessly by means of web services that exploit the latest technologies in order to minimizing update time and improving user experience and security.

There are many advantages in using a computer-aided service tool, for example:

  1. the possibility to diagnose the appliances in less time and in a more precise way, thus reducing the amount of spare components required to fix the problem and the time of intervention. Sidekick identifies if possible the appliance to test, gets and decodes the internal status of the electronic controller, and it executes the diagnostic procedures and troubleshooting steps the user requires;
  2. the possibility to create spare electronic boards starting from “generic boards” with a programming and configuration procedure. This function ensures that the spare part is created in the same way as it was originally produced in the factory.

SidekickPC is software that you can install in any personal computer running one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP SP3  (all editions except Home Edition)
  • Windows Vista (all editions except Starter Edition)
  • Windows 7 (all editions except Starter Edition)
  • Windows 8.x (all editions except RT)
  • Windows 10 (all editions except Mobile, Mobile Enterprise, IoT Core)
Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported.
It is possible that you are able to setup and use SidekickPC in a computer that does not meet these minimum system requirements. However, in this case, Electrolux will not be able to help you if you have any problems.

The minimum hardware requirements of the client PC are:

·  15 GB of free hard disk space

·  2 GB of RAM (4 GB highly recommended)

·  1GHz processor speed

  Monitor resolution 1024x768 pixels
SidekickPC requires at least a monitor resolution of 1024x768 pixels for best usability. However it is also possible to install it in PCs with a screen resolution of 1024x600 pixels. In this case, a vertical scroll bar allows you accessing the entire contents of the user interface forms.
For more information you can directly contact the Sidekick Support team.  Contact information is available here Contact Us.
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