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Thursday, August 07, 2014

IMPORTANT!!!!New 982 service kit coding rule for cooking!!!!IMPORTANT

SidekickPC Team Support: last update August 04, 2014

To solve the pending issues on the data flow for Spare Operations concerning cooking electronic boards, a new Service Kit coding scheme for the Food Preparation product line  is been approved.

The Service Kit Code (SKC) identifies the code of the kit for a configured electronic board, for direct replacement on a specific appliance model (PNC/ELC).

At the moment the new rule is applied only for new kit codes for Food Preparation product line.

The Spares Documentation team has started using the new service kit codes since 19th May 2014.

All cooking boards coded before 19th May 2014 use the old 973-982 rule (this rule is still valid also for all others product lines)

The new 982 service kit code is a 13-digit code. It is defined according to the following convention:



TDS check digit


561 21 65-41


  • 982 prefix: it is a fixed prefix (3 digit)
  • ANC: it is the Article Number Code that identifies the variant software of the board (9 digit)
  • TDS check digit: It consists of a single digit computed automatically by an algorithm from the other digits in the sequence input. It is used for error detection. (1 digit)

The benefits from new 982 coding are:
1. Significant reduction in the number of service kit code; a 982 service kit code can be used for different appliance;
2. The service kit prefix is fixed - no dependencies on ANC seniority. It is possible to update the list of spare boards at a later time;
3. Significant reduction of IT architecture complexity to populate the central database: since the kit code embeds the original factory ANC code, it is no longer necessary the automatic software procedure that exports all information about electronic boards from factory bill of material system (COPICS). This means that the central database can be updated only with a lookup in the Technical Documentation System database (TDS).

See example
PNC: 949596300 ELC 00 – split user interface induction boards

Board w. E.Taffel



Resulting kit

UI left

561 21 65-41

do not care

982561 21 65-41 / 6

UI middle

561 21 65-34

do not care

982561 21 65-34 / 1

UI right

561 21 65-26

do not care

982561 21 65-26 / 7


Download: New_service_kit_coding_rule_for_cooking_board.pdf

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