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Friday, February 3, 2023

SidekickPC Full Installation Set (Feb 2023)

SidekickPC available for download (Feb 2023)

****What's new in SidekickPC ? ***

 1. Upgrade Bridge package to v4.44:
   - Add support of Fabric Care Ruby UI programming (skip Harware ID check)
   - Update plugin for programming Ruby UI - connected version - to switch off NIU
   - Force baudrate programming to 38400 for old Dish Care power board EDW1XXX-2G
   - Update SRecord.Net to v 5.6.4
   - Rollback DaasComm to v 7.8.0
2.Improved error messages during Network Unit serialization process
   - Shows which FUMS operation causes the errors when using Network Unit feature
   - Fixed misleading message error serializing GTM3 Units (ITEX)
   - Shows the Netowrk Unit Identifier (UnitId) information when the user types NIU MAC Addresses in the Network Unit dialog box


  • For all new installations: Please visit the SidekickPC download webpage to obtain the latest full version - SidekickPC Full Installation Set (Feb 2023)
  • For previous installations: You just start the automatic software update as a normal local database update. It will detect that a new upgrade is available.

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