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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

SidekickPC Full Installation Set (January 2017)

SidekickPC available for download (January 2017)

A new version of SidekickPC is now available

**** What's new in SidekickPC 3.5? **** 
  • Integrated SQL upgrade procedure from SQL Express 2005 to SQL Express 2008 R2 
  • Improved French translations in particular for the Diagnostic tool that now is avaiable in French 
  • Improved design with 120 DPI monitor resolution 
  • Added basic support (only monitoring of appliance parameters) of Diagnostic procedure for Heat Pump Tumble Dryers A++\B OPTIFLOW [EDR12 platform] Currently this function is reserved to BeNeLux and Germany Consumer Service to gather all possible diagnostics information from the field to fix potential issue in this platform appliance 
  • New Graphical User Interface 
  • More precise appliance details in the offline appliance information dialog box 
  • Improved information displayed in the Configuration dialog box for cooking appliances (added software file name and board identifiers 
  • Updated translations for localized content 
  • Added support for new service kit coding rule [ 982 + 140 ] 
  • Improvements in cooking diagnostic detection dialog box 
  • Added message warning during configuration procedure when selecting not supported electronics (PC3, OVC3000) 
  • Removed in the Update dialog box the ‘old’ Full Update method 
  • Added in the Update dialog box the possibility to upload programming and diagnostic logs separately 

**** Bug fixes - Dishwasher electronics programming ****
  • PB100 programming error Object reference not set to an instance of an object (FIXED) 
  • [only when Turkish language is selected] Unknown algorithm name: DISHCARE.STM32F1XX (FIXED)   

****Bug fixes – Cooking electronics programming **** 
  • Protocol.Open failed returning code OPEN_ERROR(FIXED) 
****Other Bug fixes **** 
  • Fixed issues in cooking diagnostic procedure 
  • Fixed the deletion of old diagnostic log files 
  • Fixed unhandled exception in Start dialog box during COM port selection 
  • Fixed bug in the update log process (error messages were not correctly logged in the file system) 
  • Fixed field length in the Programming log table of the local database 
  • Minor bug fix

  • For all new installations: Please visit the SidekickPC download webpage to obtain the latest full version ( SidekickPC Full Installation Set )
  • For previous installations: You just start the automatic software update as a normal local database update. It will detect that a new upgrade is available.
  • SidekickPC User Manual: You can download the UserManual at link SidekickPC UserManual Download

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